Interreg Creative@hubs: The Chamber of Achaia concluded the cycle of workshops-seminars, in Achaia Greece

Posted on June 23,2023 Posted in Workshops-Seminars

The Chamber of Achaia organized the final 10 (15th – 24th) training workshops, within 2023, for Cultural and Creative companies, in the context of the Creative@Hubs project.

Topics, such as: “Carnival Decoration-Carnival Showcase” – “Organization and execution of theatrical production / tour” – “Sources of funding for businesses, associations and organizations in the cultural and creative sector” – “The utilization of new technologies in agricultural production and precision farming” – “New technologies and their role in the rescue, management, promotion and exploitation of cultural heritage” – “Comics Festival in Greece. Highlighting and promoting creators” – “Making films in Greece. The path of a film production” – “Digital Tools for Creative Professionals” – “The profession of art conservator” – “Scenography and costumes in the Greek theater” were held in Patras and Kalavryta, with more than 120 attendees.

The keynote speakers: Ms. Christina Andrikopoulou (manager of the artistic workshop "Dream Actions"), Mrs. Konstantina Angeletou (manager of theatrical productions), Mr. Nikos Papadopoulos (business advisor), Mr. Dimitris Tsolis (Associate Professor of the History-Archaeology Department of the University of Patras, IT Project Manager of the European Research and Development Department Rezos Brands S.A.), Mr. Ilias Katirtzianoglou, Mr. Panagiotis Fafoutis (film director), Mrs. Tonia Satou (Project Manager – Content Creator), Mr. Xenophon Papaefthymiou (conservator of works of art), Mr. Kenny MacLellan (Set Designer-Costume Designer) were referred to their sub-professional work, but moreover, they transferred their know-how by giving examples of good practices but also small tips to the participating stakeholders.

All interested people in the CCIs who attended the series of 24 seminars in Achaia, said they were very happy with the benefits they gained, as they not only gained know-how but had the opportunity to network with other creators at the same or another branch of the creative industries.

The organization of workshops by the Chamber of Achaia is a concrete reply to the needs of the local creative and cultural industries, emerged after a survey conducted in 2020 by the Institute of Regional Development – Panteion University. The local creative industries can contribute to the local economic development however, they lack of significant skills on entrepreneurship, economic knowhow related to the innovative business models, so they need to be trained about these topics in order to become more competitive.

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