Interreg Creative@hubs: The Chamber of Helia concluded the cycle of workshops-seminars, in Helia Greece

Posted on June 23,2023 Posted in Workshops-Seminars

The Chamber of Helia organized the final 14 (11th – 24th) training workshops, between March to June 2023, for CCIs in the context of the Creative@Hubs project.

Topics, such as: “Book on Cloud - Digital tools for managing online reservations” - "Filoxeno - Digital Marketing tools for Greek Cultural Tourism Product” - “Strategic business planning - Business Plan - Investment & Development, Entrepreneurship tool” - “Digital Marketing” - “PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY” - “PHOTOSTUDIO” - “Correct Cultivation and Olive Oil Extraction Practices” - “Spring & Summer creations with mixed techniques” - “NETWORKING DAY – CULTURAL & CREATIVE HUBS” - “Culinary and Cultural Meetings” - “Introduction to the world of Robotics and Programming” - “E-Business - Good practices for creating and development of e-commerce in the creative industry” - “Techniques & Style of Book Writing and Illustration” were held in Helia - Greece, with almost 400 attendees.

The keynote speakers: Mr. Dimitris Patouchas (sales manager in the Tourism Department of the KNOWLEDGE company), Mr. Konstantinos Stratopoulos (Business Analyst, in the Tourism Department of the KNOWLEDGE company), Mr. Spyros Vasiliadis (Economist Msc and representative of the Living Prospects company), Lena Arkoumani (photographer), Mr. Konstantinos Rizos (photographer and representative of the SCE. "Taxidevousa"), Mr. Koutsoukos (Taste Connoisseur, MSc chemist), Mr. Antonis Paraskevopoulos (Agronomist and Director of “DIRECTORATE OF RURAL ECONOMY AND VETERINARY” (DAOK) of Trifylia), Mrs. Penelope Kalogeropoulou (creator of the artistic workshop "To leiri tou kokora"), Mrs. Eleni Papadopoulou (editor-in-chief of PROINI newspaper and cookbook author), Mr. Lazaropoulos Spyridon, Mr. Alkiviadis Spiliopoulos, Panagiotis Foteinopoulos (journalist of PROINI newspaper), Giorgos Angelopoulos (MDE philologist), Christos Konstantopoulos (journalist - Organizing Director of the Olympia International Film Festival), Eleni Christodoulopoulou (drama teacher) were referred to their sub-professional work, but moreover, they transferred their know-how by giving examples of good practices but also small tips to the participating stakeholders.

All stakeholders in the CCIs’ sector who attended the series of 24 seminars in Helia, said they were very happy with the benefits they gained, as they not only gained know-how but had the opportunity to network with other creators at the same or another sector of the creative industries.

The organization of workshops by the Chamber of Helia is a concrete reply to the needs of the local creative and cultural industries, emerged after a survey conducted in 2020 by the Institute of Regional Development – Panteion University. The local creative industries can contribute to the local economic development however, there is a need to strengthen entrepreneurship and extroversion of the local creative and cultural industries in the city of Pyrgos, among others, in order to increase the degree of viability of the existing companies and the possibility of attracting new ones. So, they need to be trained about these topics in order to become more competitive.

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