The Awards of the Cross-Border Open Innovation Contest, are coming soon

Posted on January 19,2023 Posted in Newsletters

Stay tuned with us! The Awards are coming, soon!

  • The organization and implementation of a mentoring program of at least 20 hours with the aim of further developing the proposals into a business plan that will lead to a final product
  • The development of publicity material for each company that includes the creation of a corporate identity (logo etc.) and the development of a short video (about 2') for the presentation of the idea in a pitching / networking event.
  • The participation in an exhibition or other event of the creative sector in the intervention area of the program or the networking of the awarded group with another creative hub in the context of the project.

In addition, the RWG will undertake the participation (travel expenses) of the awarded team with the highest absolute score in an exhibition of the creative sector in an area outside the intervention area of the program, subject to the approval by the Administrative Authority of the Program.

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